How to synchronize data across multiple devices?

All the data of your restaurant is synchronized automatically across all the smarphone/tablets/computers that have a stable wifi connection and are logged in the same restaurant.

Why my orders aren't appearing on some device?

An order should appear on every device of your restaurant few seconds after that a waiter has sent it. This is also true for all the changes made to menu and the tables.

If your orders aren't synchronizing please read the points below to find out how to fix it.

A) Multiple restaurants

The first thing to do if your orders or menu aren't synchronizing is to be sure that all the devices of your restaurant are logged in the very same restaurant. Follow these steps to be sure of this:

  1. Open Waiterio app and login
  2. Navigate to the ACCOUNT tab
  3. Click on the Logout button
  4. Log back in the app
  5. If during the login you are asked to choose a restaurant then your user is part of multiple restaurants. You will have to pay extra attention to login in the very same restaurant on all your smartphones/tablets/computers where you are using Waiterio
  6. Repeat the step above for ALL the devices of your restaurant.
B) Unstable internet connection

Waiterio requires a stable internet connection in order to synchronize data across all devices. Read the checklist below to discover more about how to have a stable internet connection:

C) Sleepy devices

Sometimes your orders synchronize correctly after you have logout and log back in but they stop synchronizing correctly after few minutes.
This is either caused by an unstable internet connection or by the device going into sleep mode. Read the checklist below to discover more about how to avoid your device to go into sleep mode:

Please be sure to try all the solutions above before contacting the support. Otherwise the support will just ask you to check each of the point above one by one and you will waste a lot of your time.


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