How can I split payments?

Waiterio allows you to split payments and accept partial payments with different payment methods

You may want to split a payment for many reasons:

  • two or more customers wish to pay only a part of the bill
  • a customer wish to pay the bill with two different payments methods (cash and credit card)

You can split a payment following these steps

  1. Open the Waiterio app and login
  2. Create a new order with some items
  3. Navigate to the ORDERS tab
  4. Click on the icon that looks like 3 vertical dots on the top right corner of the order you created and choose Payment from the popup menu
    NOTE: Users with roles ADMIN, OWNER, MANAGER and CASHIER should see a button PAY on each order that allows them to navigate faster to the Payment screen
  5. You should be now in the Payment screen
  6. Click on any item of the order to select it
  7. Selected items should be yellow with a ✓ icon on their left
  8. Click on the green button Pay to continue
  9. Choose a the payment method from the horizontal bar (ex. Cash) and click on the green button PAID WITH CASH
  10. You will see the items you selected appear now as Paid in the Payment screen
  11. Repeat the previous steps to select other items and receive partial payments

Paid items will appear next to a tiny credit card icon in the ORDERS tab

Orders that have been fully paid may be hidden if the option 'Hide Paid' is set to 'yes' in the ACCOUNT tab.

It's always possible to review paid orders and their payment methods in the REPORTS tab


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