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Waiterio makes it simple to manage orders of restaurants and bars

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Manage restaurant's orders in 4 simple steps

Waiterio brings together the restaurant staff with smooth communication

The waiter enters the customer's order in the Waiterio app (available on any device).
The chef prepares the order received from a thermal printer or a kitchen display.
The chef marks the order as ready and the waiter brings it to the customer's table.
The cashier prints the receipt and accepts payment with cash or card.



You can cancel and activate back your subscription whenever you want directly from the app. All your data will remain safe.


Check the revenues and discover which dishes are doing great and which ones should be removed from the menu.


Invite your colleagues to use Waiterio so orders and menu are automatically shared.

Any printer

Waiterio supports all thermal printers. Most competitors support only one or two brands forcing you to buy expensive hardware.

Split the bill

Waiterio helps receiving separate payments from customers using different payments methods.

Any device

You can use it on a tablet, smartphone, tv, laptop and desktop computer. Waiterio works on all operative systems like Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux.


Try this awesome order management system for free. You can add up to 100 orders per month while using this software for free. The app is available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux. You can use this Point of Sale system on any tablet, smartphone, tv, laptop and desktop computer.

It is very quick and straightforward to install and setup the Waiterio POS for your restaurant. All you need to get started is an email address and a device with an internet connection.

this is luigi and he has a restaurant

Loved by our customers

Carolyn Sampson
Carolyn Sampson

This app helped my small cafe run effectively and smoothly.

Jianna Bardowell
Jianna Bardowell

Waiterio improved my restaurant order process. Great value for money.

Mark Helsby
Mark Helsby

Very easy to configure and very responsive. Even the cooks of my restaurant like it.

Flexible pricing

Try the app for free. You can add up to 100 orders per month while using the app for free. You can subscribe to any of the following plans to take more orders:

Free$0Per Month
100 Orders Per Month
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Extra Small$19Per Month
300 Orders Per Month
Small$39Per Month
600 Orders Per Month
Medium$59Per Month
1000 Orders Per Month
Large$99Per Month
1500 Orders Per Month
Extra Large$159Per Month
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