A complete restaurant management software

Waiterio makes it simple to manage orders of restaurants and bars.

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Why use waiterio

Grow your revenue

Faster customer service

Better business decisions


Create a functional website for your restaurant using our free website builder system and start accepting online orders. Get more meal orders and build an online presence for your restaurant. The result? Increased sales!

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With a very fast POS system, the entire food ordering process becomes seamless and systematic. This ensures that the main processes of your restaurant like accepting orders, sending the order to the kitchen, generating invoices become much faster. The result? Happier customers!

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Get valuable business insights by using our system to generate sales reports for your restaurant. Understand what’s working

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What we offer

Waiterio offers you everything you need to start, run, and grow your food business.

Restaurant POS system

Waiterio makes it simple to manage orders of restaurants and bars.

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Restaurant website builder

The simplest website builder for restaurants.

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2.6+ Million

Menu items

5+ Million

Meal orders

Try this awesome order management system for free. You can add up to 100 orders per month while using this software for free. The app is available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux. You can use this Point of Sale system on any tablet, smartphone, tv, laptop and desktop computer.

It is very quick and straightforward to install and setup the Waiterio POS for your restaurant. All you need to get started is an email address and a device with an internet connection.

this is luigi and he has a restaurant

Loved by our customers


Favorite feature: Staff management

Waiterio POS is practical and it is easy to use for all of our staff members. Its fast and simple yet it is a very powerful software. Our restaurant operations are now faster and more efficient. Each process takes less time so we can serve our customers faster.

Carlos Balderas
Shanghai Tres Ríos
Culiacán, Mexico

Favorite feature: Online ordering

The online ordering has been the perfect tool, especially with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as customers choose to limit face to face interaction. We have grown food delivery by over 112% which is solely due to the use of the free online ordering website.

Matthew Johnson (Mr.)
Kingston, Jamaica

Favorite feature: Sales reports

Waiterio is very helpful in organizing my sales. A huge advantage when it comes to controlling my monthly returns. It is also very easy to add new products and update prices.

Lucas Carpi
DeLucca Ristorante
Embarcacion, Argentina

Flexible pricing

Try the app for free. You can add up to 100 orders per month while using the app for free. You can subscribe to any of the following plans to take more orders:

Billed yearly
Billed monthly
US Dollars
Per Month
600 Orders Per Month
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US Dollars
Per Month
1200 Orders Per Month
US Dollars
Per Month
Orders Per Month

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