How to setup a Bluetooth thermal printer?

You can print receipts and orders using a Bluetooth thermal printer connected to your smartphone or tablet.

This tutorial does NOT cover usb, wifi or ethernet cable thermal printers.

Currently bluetooth print is only supported on Android devices. The Waiterio app for iPhone and iPads does not support bluetooth printing yet.

A) Pairing

First of all you are going to need to pair your smartphone or tablet to the bluetooth thermal printer.

  1. Turn on your bluetooth thermal printer
  2. Open the Settings app on your smartphone or tablet
  3. Click on Bluetooth
  4. Turn ON the bluetooth
  5. Your smartphone/tablet will scan for nearby bluetooth devices
  6. Click on the name of your bluetooth thermal printer to start the Pairing
  7. Your bluetooth thermal printer should now be listed under Paired devices
B) Find out the MAC address of your thermal printer

The Waiterio app is going to need the MAC address of your bluetooth thermal printer. The MAC address of a bluetooth device should be in this format: 01:23:89:ab:cd:ef. On Android you can find the MAC address of your bluetooth device by installing the Bluetooth Address Finder app

C) Enter the MAC address in Waiterio

Once you know the MAC address of your bluetooth thermal printer you will need to enter it inside the Waiterio app.

  1. Open the Waiterio app and login
  2. Scroll right until you reach the PRINTING tab
  3. Click on one of existing printers or click on ADD PRINTER
  4. Click on the connection field and choose bluetooth
  5. Enter the MAC address in the MAC field in the following format 01:23:89:ab:cd:ef
  6. Click on Print Sample to print a test


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