How to Create and Pick Names for a Restaurant?

How to Create and Pick Names for a Restaurant?

Learn here how to name your restaurant so it stands out and stays with your customers!

Posted by Victor Delgadillo on November 22, 2022

Are you struggling to name your restaurant? Find ideas and useful tips here!

Creating a restaurant’s name is one seemingly simple task. However, behind almost every name there’s history, achievements, experience, and more. They don’t just come up out of thin air – although some do, that's not the case for most. In this article, I’ll talk to you about:

  • How to come up with interesting restaurant names
  • What are the elements of a great name
  • And how you can better use your restaurant’s name

I’ll also give you 30 examples of different types of restaurant names which are all original at the time of publishing this article. 

How to Come Up With Interesting Names for Restaurants?

Coming up with names for a restaurant is not an easy task because it is too important to decide swiftly. That’s what most people know for sure – it has to be good, otherwise, the restaurant might fail. However, that’s not the case, so one of the best tips you’ll receive from this article is that your restaurant’s name won’t make it successful on its own. It only will help you connect with your future customer base easily, which will for sure make the task of finding customers in the first place easier. Aside from that, there’s no doubt that you can name your restaurant whatever you want and get away with it.

Still, I have to mention another thing that’s also true – to gain success in business you need all the help you can get, and naming your restaurant well from the get-go can give you a good boost.

What Are the Elements of Great Names for Restaurants?

woman trying to think about how to name her new restaurant

Now, let’s talk about the different elements that make amazing names for restaurants. There are different ways you can approach creating a name for your restaurant. That’s another aspect that makes this task difficult – options seem infinite! However, in this section, I’ll help you narrow down the things your restaurant name should or could have to differentiate it from others.

It Can Be Funny

girl smiling because she read a funny restaurant name

Funny names are usually underrated. They are powerful because they can get a giggle out of your soon-to-be clients, whether they’re just passing by or reading the name somewhere online. That makes it possible that they visit your restaurant! So, if you’re too serious about creating your restaurant’s name, don’t. Instead, keep an open mind during the process!

It Can Be Obvious

man surprised by something obvious

An obvious name is also underrated, yet, they’re incredibly easy to remember. Something like “Victor’s Corner Restaurant” is simple, but you’ll likely remember the name because it’s nothing complex or makes you think. The only disadvantage is that it’s hard to make names like these look good – we’ll talk about that later on.

It Has to Be Memorable

senior man trying to remember a restaurant's name

Creating a memorable name for your restaurant is something you should consider. This will greatly support and ease your marketing strategy, and you won’t have to work so hard to achieve a good retention rate. Still, keep in mind that the name doesn’t make your restaurant successful – it’s the service, the location, the food, the prices, and more elements that do. So, keep in mind that if you haven’t nailed those elements of your business, your customers will also remember the restaurant’s name, and will associate it with negative feelings.

It Has to Be Sticky

Not only do you need customers to remember your restaurant’s name, but you also need them to keep repeating the name in their heads. This is something that can be achieved by creating rhyming, funny, obvious, unique, and more restaurant names. This goes hand in hand with your slogan and tagline.

It Has to Be Appealing and Informative

 woman surprised to see something interesting

Finally, your restaurant’s name has to tell something about your restaurant to help your customers understand what you sell, which informs them. And of course, you have to know your customers to know what they expect or want to eat – that’s part of the market study you should have done already. Some restaurants totally skip this part but include appealing and informative elements in their logo and slogan.

How to Complement Your Restaurant’s Name?

light bulb that represents branding ideas

What does this mean? Is your name not enough? The short answer is no. You need to complement your restaurant’s name with branding, which includes several elements such as your logo, slogan, tagline, other aspects of your marketing plan, branded items, tools, uniforms, plates, and more. Basically, you want to engrave your restaurant’s imagery in your customer’s minds. This is a concept often applied effectively in fast-food restaurants, but all restaurants should apply it. Why? Because, again, you want to help your customers easily remember your restaurant, and possibly come back every time they do, although that’s a different part of this strategy.

As with many things in your restaurant, you won’t apply separate strategies for each thing – though some people do, it’s not advisable. You should have a general marketing and branding strategy subdivided into different areas. This will give your restaurant’s image consistency across all media related to it. That’s why you must put your restaurant’s name, logo, and slogan almost anywhere:

  • On social media images
  • On advertising campaigns
  • On banners and other physical publicity
  • On videos and more

The more you apply this, the better you’ll cement your brand in your customer’s brain.

30 Examples of Restaurant Names

Now I’ll give you 30 restaurant name examples divided into different types or categories. Even though these are original at the time of writing this restaurant, keep in mind that you should always verify if they are available for use according to your country’s business name registry if you plan to use them. Also:

  • Check domain names
  • Check if there are different variations you can use
  • Check if similar names exist in your local area. I highly suggest that you don’t use names that are similar to other businesses’ names, as this can hurt your business

With that out of my chest, let’s begin the examples!

Funny Names

  1. ArtiChoking
  2. InCrustWeTrust
  3. CAPT. Baconator
  4. The Baconizer
  5. ArkChives
  6. BowlCracker
  7. Mr. Cheesesticks
  8. ShroudedShroom
  9. The Dapper Monkey
  10. MidlifeCrusties

Rhyming Names

  1. PotterButter
  2. Boring Morning
  3. Aubergine Cuisine
  4. Bud Mood
  5. Nomad Demon
  6. Whisker Whisper
  7. Animal Carnival
  8. Sunset Trumpet
  9. Bite Kite
  10. Blend Trend

Informative Names

  1. Ms. Meatylicious
  2. Meeting Meat
  3. Soul Veggies
  4. Veganizing
  5. Fish&Bites
  6. MoonlightSnack
  7. Ruth’s Pot roast
  8. ModernEatery
  9. Lao-Thai Roots
  10. Delicious CariBeans

Names in Other Languages

Using names in other languages can also make your restaurant more unique. However, this is done way too often now, so you should study this option well and pick a language that makes sense for your business. For example, you shouldn’t pick a Japanese-based name for your restaurant if you serve Argentinian cuisine. That wouldn’t make any sense!

Name Your Restaurant Well To Resonate With Your Clients!

Ultimately, what you want from your restaurant’s name is that it raises your customer’s eyebrows and makes them want to check you out. Keep in mind that this will only happen if said customers are within the audience of your restaurant, so you really won’t find a name that attracts all customers in your direction. That’s why it’s very important to know:

  • What your offer will be
  • What your customers want
  • And different ways you can attract them by getting to know their preferences, habits, and more

The key to knowing all of this is to create a thorough business plan and market study. We have created several resources to help you out before you open your doors. Check them out below:

So, do you have a name in mind?

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