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managefromanywhere_title__":"Manage from anywhere","__referral_overview_earnmoremoney_content__":"Recommend our product and earn monthly recurring commissions for up to a whole year. There is no limit, recommend more and earn more.","__referral_overview_increasecustomervalue_title__":"Increase customer value","__referral_overview_increasecustomervalue_content__":"When you recommend an excellent solution to your customers, you build goodwill with them.","__referral_commissions_title__":"Commissions","__referral_commissions_content__":"Earn money every month when your referrals subscribe to our plans.","__referral_howitworks_title__":"How the referral program works","__referral_howitworks_content__":"Become a referrer in 4 easy steps.","__referral_howitworks_step_1_title__":"Register","__referral_howitworks_step_1_content__":"Register within a minute just using your email.","__referral_howitworks_step_2_title__":"Refer","__online_ordering_features_managefromanywhere_content__":"Our software works on all electronics devices: computer, tablet or smartphone. With our system, you can even stay at home and still manage your restaurant using your mobile phone. In this way, you can always stay updated about what's happening at your restaurant.","__online_ordering_features_superfastsystem_title__":"Super fast system","__online_ordering_features_superfastsystem_content__":"Restaurants often get very busy, so speed is crucial for any restaurant. Our online ordering platform is very fast and efficient. This will ensure that you can run your restaurant operations smoothly.","__online_ordering_greatlyincreaseyourprofits_title__":"Greatly increase your profits","__online_ordering_greatlyincreaseyourprofits_subtitle__":"Every entrepreneur wants to increase their revenue, earn more profits and grow their business. Let’s see how Waiterio software can help you increase your restaurant’s profits:","__online_ordering_greatlyincreaseyourprofits_1_title__":"Convenience is crucial","__online_ordering_greatlyincreaseyourprofits_1_content__":"Every order your restaurant receives online from your website will directly appear on your point of sale software. In this way, you can track every order from one place.","__online_ordering_greatlyincreaseyourprofits_2_title__":"Grow your takeout and delivery services","__online_ordering_greatlyincreaseyourprofits_2_content__":"Now, people in your city can find your website on the internet and order online. The result - your takeout and delivery services will grow rapidly.","__online_ordering_greatlyincreaseyourprofits_3_title__":"A simple and complete solution","__online_ordering_greatlyincreaseyourprofits_3_content__":"You don’t need to subscribe to different services for managing your restaurant. Our software offers everything that you need to run a successful restaurant.","__online_ordering_features_subtitle__":"Waiterio offers a powerful online ordering platform that is filled with a ton of useful features. Here's how Waiterio can help you manage your online orders.","__online_ordering_overview_title__":"Grow your restaurant with our online ordering system","__online_ordering_overview_content__":"An efficient online ordering system designed for all types of restaurants.","__online_ordering_posoverview_title__":"Get a powerful restaurant pos software","__online_ordering_posoverview_updatemenuinstantly_title__":"Update your menu instantly","__online_ordering_posoverview_subtitle__":"Managing a restaurant can be quite challenging. You have to handle every food order, track your sales, manage your employees and much more. That’s why you need powerful restaurant management software.","__online_ordering_posoverview_noadditionalcosts_title__":"No additional costs","__online_ordering_posoverview_noadditionalcosts_content__":"We have good news, our restaurant management software comes bundled with our online ordering system. That means you don’t have to pay additional costs for a complete restaurant management solution.","__online_ordering_posoverview_updatemenuinstantly_content__":"You can manage everything from one place. Whenever you make any changes to your menu on the software, it automatically updates the menu on your website. This saves a lot of time and work.","__online_ordering_posoverview_efficientmanagement_content__":"When your waiters take an order, the receipt is printed automatically so you can send it to the kitchen. All orders appear on the waiterio dashboard.","__online_ordering_posoverview_tracksalesandprofit_content__":"The Waiterio system can generate detailed financial reports for your restaurant. These reports reveal important information like your restaurant’s total sales, weekly/daily sales and best-selling items.","__online_ordering_posoverview_efficientmanagement_title__":"Efficient management","__online_ordering_posoverview_tracksalesandprofit_title__":"Track your sales and profit","Restaurant online ordering":"Restaurant online ordering","__online_ordering_banner_title__":"Restaurant online ordering system","__bar_offerexcellentservice_subtitle__":"Using software for your bar will increase your operational efficiency, so your bar can offer faster and better service to your customers.","__bar_offerexcellentservice_tablemanagement_title__":"Table Management","__bar_offerexcellentservice_tablemanagement_content__":"Using our bar software, your waiter can quickly take an order from the table directly by selecting it on the digital map. You can also know whether the table is empty or customers are waiting for their drink and view real-time updates of all tables in your bar.","__bar_offerexcellentservice_keepyourbusinesssecure_content__":"Assign different roles to your staff in the software. This will prevent anyone except you from having full access to the POS system. You can also set stock availability features for menu items to reduce wastage and theft.","__bar_offerexcellentservice_keepyourbusinesssecure_title__":"Keep Your Business Secure","__bar_offerexcellentservice_removeerrors_title__":"Remove Errors","__bar_offerexcellentservice_removeerrors_content__":"It’s common for your staff to make mistakes while writing the drink order and keeping a track of them. But with a computerized system like Waiterio, order management becomes easy and your staff won't make such errors. In this way, you can offer impeccable service to your customers.","__bar_makebetterdecisions_title__":"Make Better Decisions","__bar_makebetterdecisions_subtitle__":"To run a successful business you need to make intelligent business decisions. Not only does Bar POS software help you to run your bar, but it can also help you make critical business decisions.","__online_ordering_banner_subtitle__":"The simplest online ordering system for restaurants and bars.","__online_ordering_closing_title__":"Start taking online orders today","__online_ordering_closing_subtitle__":"Discover how waiterio online ordering can increase your food delivery business.","__home_whyusewaiterio_growyourrevenue_title__":"Grow your revenue","__home_whyusewaiterio_growyourrevenue_content__":"Create a functional website for your restaurant using our free website builder system and start accepting online orders. Get more meal orders and build an online presence for your restaurant. The result? Increased sales!","__home_whyusewaiterio_fastercustomerservice_title__":"Faster customer service","__home_whyusewaiterio_fastercustomerservice_content__":"With a very fast POS system, the entire food ordering process becomes seamless and systematic. This ensures that the main processes of your restaurant like accepting orders, sending the order to the kitchen, generating invoices become much faster. The result? Happier customers!","__home_whyusewaiterio_betterbusinessdecisions_title__":"Better business decisions","__home_whyusewaiterio_betterbusinessdecisions_content__":"Get valuable business insights by using our system to generate sales reports for your restaurant. Understand what’s working ","__menu_with_qrcode_banner_title__":"Restaurant menu with QR code","__menu_with_qrcode_banner_subtitle__":"By using QR codes for restaurant menus, you'll be able to quicken the ordering process, reduce payroll costs, and provide a better experience for your customers. Waiterio restaurant POS offers a built-in QR code system for restaurants.","__menu_with_qrcode_howitworks_title__":"How it works?","__menu_with_qrcode_howitworks_subtitle__":"Using Waiterio’s QR code system for restaurants, you can offer your customers a self-order menu. Here’s how to works","__menu_with_qrcode_howitworks_second_subtitle__":"In 3 Easy Steps","__menu_with_qrcode_howitworks_step_1_title__":"Your customers scan the QR Code","__menu_with_qrcode_howitworks_step_1_content__":"Print and place your auto-generated QR code where your customers can see it and scan it easily.","__menu_with_qrcode_howitworks_step_2_title__":"They get the digital menu of your restaurant","__menu_with_qrcode_howitworks_step_2_content__":"Once your customers scan the QR code, they will instantly get your restaurant's menu.","__menu_with_qrcode_howitworks_step_3_title__":"Diners order whatever they want from their tables!","__menu_with_qrcode_howitworks_step_3_content__":"Then, our restaurant POS system takes care of everything else.","__menu_with_qrcode_restaurantmanagementoverview_title__":"Free Restaurant Management Software","__menu_with_qrcode_restaurantmanagementoverview_subtitle__":"When you use our QR code system, you are getting our complete restaurant management software for free! Our restaurant management software has many features like","__menu_with_qrcode_restaurantmanagementoverview_feature_1_name__":"online ordering platform","__menu_with_qrcode_restaurantmanagementoverview_feature_2_name__":"website builder","__menu_with_qrcode_restaurantmanagementoverview_feature_3_name__":"POS software for restaurants","__menu_with_qrcode_restaurantmanagementoverview_second_subtitle__":"You don’t need to pay anything extra for these useful features!","__menu_with_qrcode_advantages_title__":"Advantages Of Using QR Codes For Restaurant Menus","__menu_with_qrcode_advantages_1_title__":"Your restaurant’s service gets faster and safer","__menu_with_qrcode_advantages_2_title__":"Reduce payroll costs","__menu_with_qrcode_advantages_2_content__":"With the self-service feature, you don't need waiters to always go to a table to take the order. That’s why you won't need a lot of staff to run the restaurant smoothly. You can reduce your staff without compromising your restaurant’s service, and reduce your payroll costs. You can also use the additional profit to increase the wage of your team!","__menu_with_qrcode_advantages_3_title__":"Reduce printing costs","__menu_with_qrcode_advantages_3_content__":"Since you'll be operating with a digital menu, you won't have to worry about replacing your menus. Digital menus are undoubtedly useful when running a family restaurant where spillage of food is common. Additionally, having a digital menu is crucial if you run a restaurant that constantly offers new dishes or changes its menu every week. Say goodbye to that inkjet printer and the graphic designer!","__menu_with_qrcode_advantages_4_title__":"Easy menu engineering","__menu_with_qrcode_advantages_4_content__":"Even though you eliminate the need for a physical menu, you can still optimize your menu to sell your restaurant's best dishes — whether they are the most profitable or the most delicious ones. Also, any changes you make to your restaurant's menu are immediately updated on your restaurant website. You can easily change the price of any dish or hide dishes that you're not currently offering","__menu_with_qrcode_advantages_5_title__":"Increase your revenue","__menu_with_qrcode_advantages_5_content__":"During peak hours, the faster your service is, the more customers you will get. The easiest way to maximize your sales is to maintain an outstandingly efficient service during the busiest hours","__menu_with_qrcode_advantages_1_content__":"By reducing or eliminating the interaction between your waiters and the customers, the restaurant’s service becomes much faster.Having a self-ordering system will also help you to maintain the safety standards related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nowadays, keeping your waiters and customers safe is a top priority!","__menu_with_qrcode_calltoaction_strapline__":"Don’t wait any longer","__menu_with_qrcode_calltoaction_title__":"Get started with the free trial today!","Restaurant menu with QR Code":"Restaurant menu with QR Code","__home_banner_title__":"A complete restaurant management software","__home_banner_subtitle__":"An excellent solution for managing your bar efficiently"}}};