How to setup self-ordering with QR codes?

Waiterio allows you to print QR codes to attach to your tables.

Customers will be able to scan the QR codes with their smartphones to view the menu and self-order. You can set it up following the steps below,

  1. Open Waiterio app and login
  2. Navigate to the Website tab and click on "Self Order With QR Code"
  3. Click on "Download QR Codes", this will download a .pdf file that contains the QR Codes of all the tables in your restaurant
  4. After downloading the .pdf file, you need to print it using an inkjet printer on an A4 size sticky paper. You can buy sticky paper online by googling "buy A4 sticky paper"
  5. Follow the outlines and cut out the QR code stickers. The printed page contains the room and the table information along with the QR code. The table label at the bottom of each QR Code tells you which table the QR Code represents.

So what happens now?

When your customers come in they can scan the QR code on their tables using their smartphones. They can open the native Camera app or download a QR code scanner app. Once they scan the code, they will see your restaurant’s menu and place an order directly on the website. The order is sent directly to the kitchen and your waiters can serve the food when it’s ready.

In this way:

  • Your waiters can save time on taking orders
  • Your customers don’t have to wait for a waiter to come and take their order
  • When you change the menu, the changes are reflected in real-time in your waiterio website. This saves you the cost to reprint the menu.

You can read more about this feature on our blog digital menu with QR codes for your restaurant


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