Mission, Vision, and Values of a Restaurant: How to Write Them?

Mission, Vision, and Values of a Restaurant: How to Write Them?

How to write your restaurant's mission statement, vision, and values.

Posted by Victor Delgadillo on October 16, 2021

You don’t know how to write the mission and vision of a restaurant?

The mission and vision of a restaurant are crucial aspects of the identity of your business.

They will inform your employees, your customers, and the whole world of the goals that drive your restaurant, and how you plan to achieve them.

In this article, I'll talk to you about:

  • The importance of a restaurant's mission and vision
  • How to write the best
  • About some examples of restaurant mission and vision
  • And more considerations

It is vital that you define these aspects of your restaurant and distribute them in strategic places — social networks, web pages, in your restaurant, in your job offers, and more.

Let's get started!

Importance of a Restaurant’s Mission

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The importance of a restaurant's mission is simple: it's about the goal you want to achieve with your restaurant.

A restaurant can have many objectives, however, the objectives mentioned in your restaurant's mission have another connotation.

These are your restaurant's goalsin relation to your employees, your customers, the local community, and more.

A restaurant's mission is how you make your intentions known.

You can't just say that you've created a restaurant to make money for yourself and your family — that would be your downfall, even if it were true.

Some common objectives may be:

  • Create a valuable restaurant in the local culinary scene
  • Create a source of jobs for as many people as possible
  • Help the growth of tourism in your locality
  • And more

Another thing to consider is that the mission of your restaurant has to be genuine so that it can make a real impact on its readers.

With a good and authentic mission statement, your restaurant can attract investors, partners, customers with the same ideals, and much more.

That makes your business mission a method or tool to create connections with the people around your business.

Importance of the Vision of a Restaurant

The vision of a restaurant is the way in which you project the future change in the locality that surrounds your restaurant thanks to the fact that it exists and you have achieved all your objectives.

If your mission is, for example, to create a restaurant where all people can be together without any type of discrimination, then the vision is the way in which you project a profound change in society because you achieve that goal.

Not only your business goals can attract a following — a restaurant vision can do so just as well.

The correct vision will help your diners, customers, employees, and more to visualize the future and the impact that your restaurant will have on it, while keeping them motivated to support your business.

How to Write the Mission of a Restaurant?

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Writing a restaurant mission is actually a bit difficult.

This is a piece of text that should contain less than 100 words and a max of three powerful lines.

The real problem arises when you realize that such a small text must answer several questions, it must be persuasive, memorable, and impactful.

Here are a couple of steps you can use to write your restaurant mission statement.

1. Create and Answer Questions

Your restaurant's mission must answer certain questions about your business. You should ask yourself:

  • What type of restaurant do you have?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are their needs?
  • How do you plan to help your target audience?
  • How can your restaurant improve their situation?
  • What is your locality like?
  • How does your restaurant improve your locality?

You can try to answer as many questions as you want, but these will get you started.

It's a good idea to answer each question briefly.

2. Choose the Feeling You Want to Convey

The emotion conveyed by your mission is very important because it is what can empower the customer to support your restaurant.

You can choose any feeling you want, such as writing a text that denotes your hunger to innovate and change the world or create awareness of social problems with a feeling of obligation.

Keep in mind that this will be the sentiment that you will use to connect with your target audience, so studying it in depth in advance is a good idea.

3. Put Everything Together

In this third step, you simply write everything together in one text — it does not matter the total length at the beginning.

You must write:

  • The answer to each question
  • Write using the feeling you chose to convey
  • And then rewrite it as if it were a short speech in front of your guests

After this, it will be almost ready.

4. Summarize

In the final step, you must summarize, cut, skip, and shorten the mission to three lines that add up to less than 100 words in total.

This is the hardest part, because unless you can summarize everything you have written in this many words — preferably less — you will have to think hard about what is the most important thing you have to say.

How to Write a Restaurant Vision?

Person writing restaurant's mission

The vision of a restaurant is a little easier to write. This is a text that describes a future in which you have fulfilled your restaurant's mission — so it is somewhat hypothetical.

Remember that this future must start from the mission of your restaurant, so you must first define a mission that is unique, realistic, achievable, and has a positive impact.

Then simply imagine a world where you have already achieved those goals, and think about how that hypothetical future is better for the community, for your guests, and more.

Restaurant Mission and Vision Examples

Now I will give you some restaurant mission and vision examples. They are all imaginary restaurants, so I will give you a brief explanation of the restaurant in question so that you understand the context better.

Example of a Restaurant’s Mission

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The first example is the mission of the first healthy food restaurant located in a city in the interior of a country, far from the spotlight of the capital.

Our mission is to bring healthy food to the city, to offer affordable alternatives that improve people's quality of life, and at the same time, teach our guests the importance of good nutrition.

In this mission you will be able to find several objectives:

  • The first is to bring healthy food to a place where the option did not exist.
  • The second is that it is an accessible restaurant, with low prices for the general public.
  • And the third is that the restaurant will serve to educate diners on nutrition in some way.

The second example is the mission of a fusion food restaurant located in a border city in Mexico, with the United States a few kilometers away.

We want to offer fusion food that denotes the cultural exchange between Mexico and our neighbors in the United States, to unite our people with good food — we will serve everyone equally!

This mission also provides information about the restaurant:

  • First, it reinforces the fact that it is a fusion food restaurant.
  • It is implied that it is a restaurant that is in favor of cultural exchange between these neighboring countries.
  • Also, that you’ll find fusion food between American and Mexican gastronomy in it.
  • It is a restaurant that seeks to unite two peoples with the good food resulting from the mix of its cuisines.
  • And finally, it is a restaurant that will not have a preference among customers from both countries, since they will all be treated the same way.

The third example is the mission of an haute cuisine restaurant located in a very touristy area of Brazil.

We want to create a restaurant that introduces gourmet food to new generations, without the high prices, the pretentiousness, and the prejudices. Only good vibes!

This mission refers to the barriers of entry that some fine dining restaurants may have for young people.

This mission is written directly for restaurant diners, who can perceive these barriers in fine dining restaurants that have been in the market for years and are frequented by older people who might, in turn, perceive younger people as unworthy of entering such restaurants.

Restaurant Vision Example

blue eyes representing restaurant vision

For these examples, I am going to use the same fictitious restaurants, in the same order.

The first example is:

Our vision for the future is to help create a healthier, more nutrition-conscious locality, and that our city has a reliable and low-cost option to eat well, without sacrificing the pleasure of eating.

The second example is:

We want to help eliminate the perceived differences between the cultures of our countries and create a more unified city, without prejudice or xenophobia. Let's share our humanity!

The third example is:

We dream of a world where haute cuisine is shared and accessible to all people, regardless of gender, gender identity, origin, age, social position, and privileges.

What all these examples share is that they create an image of hope for change, generally positive, and beneficial to society and their customers.

Other Considerations

Make salsa not war sign and restaurant values

Some companies also decide to add the values that drive their actions. This is rare, however, it has become increasingly important.

Why? Because today's companies seek to separate themselves from the lack of humanity and from being perceived as large corporations with a negative impact on society.

That's why talking about the values that drive your business can help you connect with your target audience more easily, while attracting people with similar values to be part of your team.

Another thing you should consider is that the mission, vision, or values are not only for the people who will visit your restaurant.

Instead, these ideas will help you build support, like-minded investors, high-quality employees, and more.

In addition, it is vital that everything you write is a real part of your business decisions — it cannot be just pretty words without actions that prove your position.

You can even dedicate your mission, vision, and values to actively help society, be it with actions in your restaurant, supporting social causes, important organizations, and even taking actions outside your restaurant.

This can also become donations to important causes or social works for the community that surrounds your restaurant.

What do you achieve with this? Differentiate your restaurant from a corporation that only seeks to make money! Even if it's what you want, it's not a good idea for this to be your only motivation — especially since the world is turning away from companies with selfish motives.

Make Your Mission, Vision, and Values Stand Out for Your Business

Your business’ mission, vision, and values can set your restaurant apart from the competition. Either because the motivations of your restaurant are in line with those of your guests, or because you support causes of social value.

These aspects of your business are not just another branding strategy, but they must be authentic, achievable, and visible through your actions.

Have you created your mission, vision, and values?

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