Best Wireless Thermal Printers for Restaurants

Best Wireless Thermal Printers for Restaurants

Learn here which are the best wireless thermal printers for restaurants

Posted by Victor Delgadillo on May 28, 2022

So, you’re looking for the right wireless thermal printer?

Thermal printers can be a nuisance, especially if you have no experience with them. If that’s your case, you came to the right place.

This guide will help you:

  • Streamline your decision whilst keeping it professional and efficient.
  • To avoid the hassle and to spend no money on replacements later on.
  • Get day-1 compatibility and convenience.
  • And get the best-value options first.

WiFi or Bluetooth thermal printers are always viable options when it comes to printing receipts for your customers. However, with numerous options available, and with such fluctuating prices, getting lost at first is a given. Skip to the good stuff with this guide!

Note: These printers are all compatible with the Waiterio POS app out of the box, but can be used with other POS systems. 

1. WiFi, USB, & Ethernet Thermal printer - NETUM

This NETUM device is the ring of power of thermal printers – you can connect it to almost anything because aside from WiFi, it offers other interfaces. That’s why it’s at the top! Yes, we know this is not a renowned brand. Even though that’s the case, the market is filled with numerous recognized brands that are overpriced, and do exactly the same thing.

We picked this printer in the first place because it will get you there, one way or another, and with a price tag that won’t make you want to use pen and paper for your receipts.

We do want to warn you that it’s not perfect. As we mentioned in our guide about thermal printers, WiFi printers aren’t the best, regardless of price, brand, or even quality. This one gets over that hurdle easily by offering USB and Ethernet ports as well.

The hurdle this one doesn’t get over is the customer support – if you’re not good with tech, this printer might not be the best pick for you. Even though that’s the case, we can’t guarantee that any WiFi printer will be a perfect fit!


  • You can use it with WiFi, but also with USB and Ethernet cables.
  • Its price is amazing!
  • It is very sturdy and durable.
  • WiFi installation is not as difficult as with other WiFi models.


  • It’s not a renowned brand.
  • NETUM’s customer support is not the best.

Verdict: A good starting point

NETUM’s WiFi printer is a good choice for almost anything. It’s compatible with many different POS apps, including Waiterio, and it’s very convenient. Additionally, you can’t say its price is not appealing when you compare it to more renowned brands. Amazing deal!

2. Bluetooth, Serial, LAN, & USB Thermal printer - MUNBYN

Another rather unknown brand, MUNBYN, somehow earned second place on the list. This is a Bluetooth thermal printer that also offers the convenience of having different interfaces.

Let’s face it, Bluetooth is not ready to be considered the most reliable type of connection – that’s exactly why manufacturers keep adding other ports. And that’s a good thing!

If you want a Bluetooth printer, this one is exactly that. But, you can also have the fail-safe of  Serial, Ethernet, and USB ports.

It does have more downsides than the one above. For instance, it’s slightly pricier and MUNBYN’s customer support is even worse than NETUM’s. Still, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out, and there are plenty of resources out there to learn how to install it. If you decide this is the one for you, then check out our guide on how to install a Bluetooth thermal printer.


  • Great and convenient Bluetooth thermal printer!
  • It has three other connection interfaces you can use.
  • It’s very affordable when compared to other models.


  • MUNBYN’s customer support is worse than the one above.
  • Bluetooth isn’t as reliable as WiFi.

Verdict: Good Bluetooth printer, unreliable brand.

Even though MUNBYN’s customer support is pretty bad, the printer is not. It’s a very reliable printer that can handle common receipts, is not that hard to set up, and also comes with USB, Serial, and USB ports. It’s also very affordable, costing a third of the price of other models. Considering some more renowned brands can cost up to 600USD, asking more is probably too much.

3. Bluetooth Mobile Thermal Printer - RONGTA

If you need a really portable thermal printer, this is the printer for you. You only get a sense of how small and portable it is once you hold it. That’s why it’s perfect for food carts, food trucks, food festivals, and all kinds of food events.

Additionally, it’s easy to use and set up – at least it is with Waiterio. And the best part is that it’s the cheapest on the list! That’s why Rongta is a market leader. It offers great quality, and the same top-notch features of far more expensive printers, at only a quarter of the price. The only bad thing is that the size is also a limitation when it comes to receipt size. With this printer, you can only print 58mm or 2.283-inch receipts.

We highly doubt that your customers will be nit-picky about this though. If you find this particular printer to be highly convenient for your mobile food enterprise, then it’s your lucky day!

It is not your lucky day, however, if you plan to use it with iOS. Sadly, it’s not compatible with iPhones, and only Android and Windows users can enjoy it.


  • Highly portable and convenient thermal printer.
  • It’s perfect for any mobile food business.
  • It’s easy to use and set up.
  • It’s the most affordable thermal printer you can get on this list!


  • It only prints 58mm/2.283-inch receipts.
  • It’s not iOS compatible.

Verdict: This printer is the meaning of ‘portable’.

If you really, and we mean really, need your thermal printer to be portable, look no further. This printer allows you to print receipts easily from your Bluetooth device. It’s affordable, it’s reliable, and it fits in your pocket. It does print smaller receipts, but that’s almost not a problem. The real problem is that it doesn’t work at all for iOS users!

Wireless Thermal Printers are a Scenario-Specific Solution!

Even though we should be neutral for the purposes of this review, we have to tell you the truth. If you’re looking for the perfect WiFi or Bluetooth thermal printers, then you’re in for a bad surprise. Wireless thermal printers are not for everyone – they sound like an amazing idea, but in practice, they can be rather inconvenient.

With that being said, these printers can help you get away with the wireless part easily because they are the best available. The top choices have fail-safe interfaces, which makes them just as good as any cabled thermal printer.

We always recommend regular wired thermal printers because wireless printers are not as convenient just yet. Sure, you need cables, but they are easier to install, and there are ways you can bypass their limitations. Wireless printers that can’t connect to your devices at all are not that convenient at all.

Are you still looking for the right printer?

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