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Why use waiterio website builder

Free Trial

You can try our restaurant website builder for free. The website builder also comes with our integrated restaurant management software. Overall, our software is quite affordable.

Built for restaurants

We specialize in restaurants. With years of experience in the restaurant industry, we know exactly what works best. That is how we can provide you with website designs that are optimized for getting your restaurant more online orders.

Easy to use

You don’t need any technical knowledge or design skills to use our website builder. In our system, the entire website design is already done for you. Just enter your restaurant's basic details.

No maintenance required

Maintaining your website can be challenging as well as expensive. Restaurant owners often hire a technician to resolve complicated technical problems. But our service automatically maintains your website. So you don’t have to worry about technical issues.

How to build your restaurant's website

Build your restaurant website in 4 simple steps and start receiving online orders.

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Add your restaurant’s name, phone number, and location for your customers.
Choose the look and feel of your website. Select your website’s theme and cover image.
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Increase your revenue by having an online presence. Use your website to offer delivery and takeaway services.

Online ordering

Nowadays, a lot of customers are ordering online. That’s why you need to have an online ordering feature on your restaurant’s website. This feature can receive and handle all your restaurant's online food orders efficiently. Normally, setting up such a system is complicated and expensive. But all our websites already come with a built-in online ordering system! Now you can grow your sales by offering delivery and takeaway services from your restaurant’s website.

Delivery and takeaway

A good restaurant needs to offer their customers delivery service as well as takeaway service. It’s always good to offer your customers the choice between delivery or takeaway. With our software system, whenever a customer tries to order online, he/she will have the option for delivery or takeaway service. The customer will then enter his/her name, address, phone number, and the expected time.

rider delivering food on bike

Accept or reject orders

Your restaurant can’t accept every single food order. Sometimes you might be too busy or the delivery location might be too far. With our website platform, you can choose to accept or reject any food order. Also, the customer is notified if the food order is accepted or rejected.

accept or reject incoming meal orders
order tracking on phone

Order tracking

You want to keep your customers updated about the status of their food order. In our system, whether the order is accepted, rejected, being prepared, or ready for delivery/ takeaway, the customers get instant notifications (on their phone or computer). So, your customers don't need to call your restaurant to ask about their food orders.

More online ordering features

Order timing: Customers can choose pickup or delivery time for their orders.

Multiple location support: Take orders of all your restaurant branches from one single website.

Order beforehand: Customers don't like to wait in line, they can order before they come to the restaurant and pay.

Contactless delivery: Customers can request the courier to leave their food at the door.

Integration With Waiterio Restaurant POS

Website isn’t the only thing that your restaurant needs. It needs a powerful point of sale system for tracking and managing your orders efficiently. That is why we give you full access to our POS system along with the online ordering system. Yes, it is free! Waiterio restaurant POS and website builder are integrated into one platform.

manage orders in computer

Smooth order management

Manage all your meal orders using a single device. Every meal order (online or offline) will be displayed on your Waiterio dashboard. The printer will print the ticket automatically when you accept the order.

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synchronizing menu in computer

Sync your menu instantly

Whenever you make any changes to your restaurant menu on your POS system, it automatically makes those changes on your website. You can easily manage your restaurant menu from one place.

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financial sales report

Track sales and profit

Financial reports reveal details like total sales, weekly / daily sales, best-selling items, and your profitability. Waiterio POS can automatically generate financial reports for both online and offline orders.

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Useful features

Works on all devices

Customers can place order using their smartphone, tablet or computer. Your restaurant website will look amazing regardless of the user’s device.

Multiple language support

Restaurants often get international customers. That’s why restaurant websites should automatically translate to all the major languages of the world. This will increase your revenues.

Google map integration

Having your restaurant’s location show up on your website is important. Customers can quickly find the restaurant without needing to make a phone call for directions.

Super fast websites

People are not very patient. If your restaurant website takes a lot of time to load, you might lose your online customers. We have invested a lot of resources to make your website super fast.

Our customers

What will your restaurant website look like?

Here are some great restaurant websites created using our website builder. You can easily get a website like this for your restaurant too.

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