Restaurant menu with QR code

By using QR codes for restaurant menus, you'll be able to quicken the ordering process, reduce payroll costs, and provide a better experience for your customers. Waiterio restaurant POS offers a built-in QR code system for restaurants.

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How it works?

Using Waiterio’s QR code system for restaurants, you can offer your customers a self-order menu. Here’s how to works
In 3 Easy Steps

Your customers scan the QR Code

Print and place your auto-generated QR code where your customers can see it and scan it easily.


They get the digital menu of your restaurant

Once your customers scan the QR code, they will instantly get your restaurant's menu.


Diners order whatever they want from their tables!

Then, our restaurant POS system takes care of everything else.

Free Restaurant Management Software

When you use our QR code system, you are getting our complete restaurant management software for free! Our restaurant management software has many features like :

online ordering platform
website builder
POS software for restaurants

You don’t need to pay anything extra for these useful features!

Advantages Of Using QR Codes For Restaurant Menus

1. Your restaurant’s service gets faster and safer

By reducing or eliminating the interaction between your waiters and the customers, the restaurant’s service becomes much faster.Having a self-ordering system will also help you to maintain the safety standards related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nowadays, keeping your waiters and customers safe is a top priority!

2. Reduce payroll costs

With the self-service feature, you don't need waiters to always go to a table to take the order. That’s why you won't need a lot of staff to run the restaurant smoothly. You can reduce your staff without compromising your restaurant’s service, and reduce your payroll costs. You can also use the additional profit to increase the wage of your team!

3. Reduce printing costs

Since you'll be operating with a digital menu, you won't have to worry about replacing your menus. Digital menus are undoubtedly useful when running a family restaurant where spillage of food is common. Additionally, having a digital menu is crucial if you run a restaurant that constantly offers new dishes or changes its menu every week. Say goodbye to that inkjet printer and the graphic designer!

4. Easy menu engineering

Even though you eliminate the need for a physical menu, you can still optimize your menu to sell your restaurant's best dishes — whether they are the most profitable or the most delicious ones. Also, any changes you make to your restaurant's menu are immediately updated on your restaurant website. You can easily change the price of any dish or hide dishes that you're not currently offering

5. Increase your revenue

During peak hours, the faster your service is, the more customers you will get. The easiest way to maximize your sales is to maintain an outstandingly efficient service during the busiest hours

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